Visit to Curraghs Wildlife Park

On Monday 14th May an intrepid group of explorers, staff and volunteers visited the Curraghs Wildlife Park.


There we were delighted by the antics of the Humboldt penguins that seemed to pose for photographs both in and out of the water and our guide Dave entertained us with some penguin facts and jokes. We journeyed through the ‘African’ section of the park and were amazed to see an enormous Elk which was made from metal.


 The tapirs resembled baby hippos in size and they shared their enclosure with a capybara which looked like a giant gerbil. On the pond in the enclosure we saw Mallard ducks and Hooper swans and also a Moorhen with several new born chicks.


 We were enchanted by two tiny Dik Dik which are a breed of African antelope, and  then enjoyed  antics of the Meercats who were sitting together on the top of an old tree trunk.


 As we walked to the tea rooms for tea and cake we saw two beautiful Eurasian Lynx, several species of owls and some coral coloured flamingos, a very enjoyable time was had by all







Audio Library MP3 Recording Summaries Nearing Completion

Pat, one of our Librarians has put some considerable effort into producing MP3 Talking Book Summaries. This is an ongoing project and will need continually updating as new books are added to the Library. Work has started on putting these summaries on the back of the books. The Murder Mystery and Fiction sections are almost complete and the other sections will be appearing shortly.

These summaries can be found on the Audio Library Page under the Services menu or by clicking here

2018 Masquerade Ball


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