Guided Walk around Laxey Mining Heritage

The latest guided walk around the two Laxey wheels took place on Monday 29th January. David our Blue badge Guide gave a very knowledgeable and entertaining tour starting at the Lady Isabella, walking down alongside the river, ending up at the Washing floors  and the new home for the second water wheel, the Lady Evelyn. As with all good social events we ended up in the Shore Public House for tea, coffee and the odd half pint of something alcoholic. Thanks to Dave the driver, Ellie and Clair for organising this walk and David our guide.







 Audio Library MP3 Recording Summaries

Pat, one of our Librarians has put some considerable effort into producing MP3 Talking Book Summaries. This is an ongoing project and will need continually updating as new books are added to the Library. Work has started on putting these summaries on the back of the books and it has started in the Murder Mystery section.

These summaries can be found on the Audio Library Page under the Services menu or by clicking here