Eye Care Strategy Consultation


A long awaited Eye Care Strategy Consultation has been launched by Department of Health and Social Care in consultation with organisations in the voluntary service. Manx Blind Welfare has had a pivotal role in developing this new policy working alongside the RNIB, Manx Optometrists and other organisations. On Monday evening we received a presentation on this proposed strategy from a panel consisting of Tim Mansfield and Oliver Radford from the Department of Health and Social Care together with Ian Hodgson from the local Optometrists, Julie Lee from RNIB and Ian. The presentation was well attended and the panel answered a wide range of questions.


Eye Care Team 1




Left to right the picture shows Ian Hodgson, Oliver , Tim and Julie


The department is addressing long ongoing concerns about the treatment of patients with eye problems on the Isle of Man. The well known problem of a large number of patients being flown across for diagnosis and treatment is being addressed. By involving all professionals in the eye care profession in these discussions the plan is to bring work back onto the Island, reducing waiting lists significantly, and also the upheaval caused by having to catch the very early morning “Red Eye” flights, sometimes for appointments lasting 10minutes.