Date: Apr 19,2017

Manx Blind Welfare Society is inviting budding photographers to submit pictures for possible inclusion in its 2018 fundraising calendar.

The Society plans to produce the calendar to help raise money to funds its work, providing free services and support to blind and visually impaired people across the Isle of Man.

It is hoped the calendar will feature pictures taken by previously unpublished photographers.

Manx Blind Welfare Society Volunteers Coordinator & Events Organiser Debbie Thomson said: ‘For many years we have received very generous support from both professional and amateur photographers in compiling our fundraising calendar, and for 2018 we want to encourage more people to get involved.

‘The theme will be the Manx landscape and we’d like to invite anyone who has a photo they are proud of to get in touch. Amateur photographers are encouraged to take part, and we’d be especially delighted to hear from anyone with a visual impairment who has a picture we could consider.

‘Inclusivity is at the heart of what Manx Blind Welfare Society does and we’d like our calendar to be a platform for people of all abilities to demonstrate their skills. Anyone who browses social media will have seen some truly beautiful photos of the Island by amateur photographers, including some with varying degrees of visual impairment. We want out calendar to showcase those photos to a new audience.’

Photographs must be submitted to by 15th May. The Manx Blind Welfare Society 2018 calendar will be on sale later this year.